Ph.D. Dissertations Defended in the CEU History Department


Marko Zubak Yugoslav Youth Press 1968-1980 - Alternative Communist Media
Vladimir Ryzhkov Political Ideas in  the Russian  Historical  Writing of the Age of Enlightenment: Mikhail  Shcherbatov and Nikolai Karamzin
Szemző Hanna The Hungarian Pension System, 1948-1990. Welfare and Politics in Socialist Country in the European Context
Paltineanu Oana Sinziana Calling the Nation. Romanian Nationalism in a Local Context: Brasov during the Dual Monarchy
Stráner Katalin Science, Translation and the Public: The Hungarian Reception of Darwinism, 1858-1875
Szélpál Livia A Tale of Two Hungarian Cities: The Making and Reading of Modern Debrecen and Szeged, 1850-1914


Madunic Domagoj Defensiones Dalmatiae: Governance and Logistics of the Venetian Defensive System in Dalmatia During the War for Crete
(1645 - 1669)


Kellner Anikó Affectionate Interests and Interested Affections The Normative Language of Early Seventeenth Century Interstate Relations
Sincan Anca Maria Of  Middlemen and Intermediaries, Negotiating the  State Church Relationship in Communist Romania - The Formative years
Mestyán, Ádám "A garden with mellow fruits of refinement" - Music theatres and politics in Cairo and Istanbul, 1867-1892
Falina, Maria
Pyrrhic Victory: East Orthodox Christianity, Politics and Serbian Nationalism in the Interwar Period
Iacob Bogdan Cristian Stalinism, Historians, and the Nation: History-Production under Communism in Romania (1955-1966)
Stancu Eugen Engineering the Human Soul. Science Fiction in Communist Romania (1955-1989)
Sandulescu Valentin Adrian Revolutionizing Romania from the Right: The Regenerative Project of the Romanian Legionary Movement and its Failure (1927-1937)
Taylor Jeffrey The Birth of the Modern Art Market in Hungary at the "Fin de Sciécle"
Laczó Ferenc Between Assimilation and Catastrophe:Hungarian Jewish Intellectual Discourses in the Shadow of Nazism


Kármán, Gábor A 17th Century Odyssey in East Central Europe—A Biography of Jakab Harsányi Nagy


Maja Brkljacic (Dis)embodied Presences of Josip Tito. Sounds, Voices, Images
Vladimir Petrovic Historians as Expert Witnesses in the Age of Extremes
Ksenia Polouektova Foreign Land as a Metaphor of One's Own: Travel and Travel Writing in Russian History and Culture, 1200s-1800s
Camelia Craciun Between Marginal Rebels and Mainstream Critics: Jewish Romanian Intellectuals in the Interwar Period
Hasmik Khalapyan Women's Nationalism, Internationalism and Imperialisms in Ottoman and British Empires, 1850-1915


Emese Bálint Mechanisms of Social Control in an Early Modern Town. The Case of Kolozsvar in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries.
Eszter Bartha A Comparative Analysis of the Changes of the Czech, the Former Eastern German and the Hungarian Social Stratification in the Transitional Period
Marie Crhova Modern Jewish Politics in Central Europe: The Jewish Party of Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
Andrei Cusco Between Nationa and Empire:Russian and Romanian Competing Visions of Bessarabia in the second half of the 19th and early 20th century
Éva Deák The Formal Expressions of the Elite Status in Early Modern Europe. Transylvania, Brandenburg: Clothing Habits
Sergei Dobrynin Soviet Cinema, Soviet Spaces: Everyday life in Soviet Film ( 1965-1985)
Oxana Klimkova The Gulag Microcosm: Life and Death at the White-Sea Baltic Combine of the NKVD, 1933-41
Toni Petkovic Rethinking Self-Determination: Serbian Views on the Bosnian Crisis in the 1990s
Zoryana Polova Collaboration and Resistance in Western Ukraine (1941-1947)
Peter Roubal Embodying Communism: Politics of Mass Gymnastics in Post-War Eastern Europe
Victor Taki Russia on the Danube: Imperial Expansion and Political Reform in Moldavia and Wallachia, 1812-1834
Orsolya Vincze The Politics of Translation and Transmission. The Beginnings of Political Theorising in the Hungarian Vernacular


Eszter Szilassy
National Assimilation, Assimilated Nation, Nationalism and Linguistic Assimilation in Budapest at the turn of the Twentieth Century
Árpád Welker Jewish Politics in Hungary. Jewish Parliamentary Politicians, 1867-1890
Anna Loutfi Hungarian Family Law and the Struggle for Gender Order, 1848-1913


Roxana Cheschebec Feminist Ideologies and Activism in Romania (approx 1890-1940s). Nationalism and Internationalism in Romanian Projects for Women's Emancipation
Bojan Aleksov Religious Dissent in the Age of Modernization and Nationalism: The Nazarenes in Hungary and Serbia 1850s-1914
Alexander Semyonov The Political Language of Russian Liberalism: The Liberation Movement, Constitutional-Democratic Party, and Public Politics in late Imperial Russia
Péter Bihari A Forgotten Home Front: The Middle Classes and the `Jewish Question` in Hungary during the First World War
Kateryna Smahgliy Patron-Clientelism and Ukrainian Political Elites in the 1960-2000s
Nikolai Voukov Monuments between Life and Death: Memory and Representation in Monuments of the Socialist Past in Bulgaria
Gábor Almási The Uses of Humanism. András Dudith (1533-1589), Johannes Sambucus (1531-1584), and the Humanist Network in East Central Europe


Natalia Shlikhta The Survival of the Church under Soviet Rule: A Study in the Life of the Ukrainian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, 1945-1971
Teodora Parveva The Organized Judiciary in Interwar Bulgaria: The Union of Judges in Defense of the Principle of Independence of the Judiciary
Markian Prokopovych Architecture, Cultural Politics and National Identity: Lemberg 1772-1918. Entangling National Histories
Oksana Sarkisova Envisioned Communities: Representations of Nationalities in Non-Fiction Cinema in Soviet Russia, 1923-1935"
Teodora Shek The Enlightened Officer at Work: The Educational Projects of the Bohemian Count Franz Joseph Kinsky (1739-1805)
Zsuzsa Török The Informal Politics of Culture: Transylvanian Learned Socities, Civic Networks and the Formation of the Nation-State, 1790-1914
Kateryna Dysa Witchcraft Trials and Beyond: Right-Bank Side Ukrainian Trials of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.
Maria Raluca Popa Restructuring and Envisioning Bucharest. The Socialist Project in the Context of Romanian Planning for a Capital, a Fast Changing City and an Inherited Urban Space, 1852-1989
Balázs Trencsényi Early-Modern Discourses of Nationhood
Natasa Stefanec Diet in Bruck an der Mur (1578) and the Estates on the Croatian, Slavonian and Kanisian Military Border
Razvan Paraianu Octavian Goga, the Sacerdote of Nation. The National Idea from Emancipation to Integrism and Racism"
Daniela Kalkandjieva Ecclesio-Political Aspects of the International Activities of the Moscow Patriarchate, 1917-1948


Dragos Petrescu The Collapse of Romanian Communism. An Explanatory Model
Cristina Petrescu From Robin Hood to Don Quixote. Resistance and Dissent in Communist Romania
Kinga Sata József Eötvös's post-revolutionary political ideas and their reception, 1850-1913
Emese Lafferton History of Hungarian Psychiatry, 1850-1908
Balázs Szalontai The Failure of De-Stalinization in North Korea. The DPRK in a Comparative Perspective, 1953-1964
Lilya Berezhnaya Sub Specie Mortis: Perception of Death and the Afterlife in the Catholic and Orthodox Cultures of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 16th-17th Century
Ostap Sereda Shaping of a National Identity: Early Ukrainophiles in Austrian Eastern Galicia, 1860-1873
Constantin Iordachi From the "Right of the Natives" to "Constitutional Nationalism" : The Making of Romanian Citizenship, 1817-1919
Zoran Velagic The Authors of Popular Religious Books in Northern Croatia (17 th and 18 th centuries)
András Mink The "Kopjás": The Culture of Counterrevolution
Mila Mancheva State-Minority Relations and Education of Turks and Pomaks in Inter-War Bulgaria, 1918-1944
Jaroslav Miller Between Middle Ages and Modernity: Urban Societies in East-Central Europe
Zoltán Pálfy National Controversy in the Transylvanian Academe: The Cluj/Kolozsvár University, 1900-1950
Victor Rizescu Debating Modernization as a Debate on the Modernizing Elite: an Approach to the History of Social and Political Thought in Romania, 1868-1947
Vilana Pilinkaite Family Stuctures and Strategies in Post-Emancipation Lithuania


Marius Turda Contesting National Superiority: Racial Thinking, Social Darwinism and Nationalism in Fin-de-Siecle Hungary
Zoltán Kovács The Political Image of the Habsburg Monarchy in Mid-Eighteenth Century England
Izabella Main National and Regional Holidays as a Clashing Point of the State, the Church and Opposition in Poland, 1944-1989: the Case of Lublin


Marina Loskoutova The Russian Provinces in the Search of Development: the Making of the Secondary School System, 1860-1880s


Irina Popova Nationalizing Spatial Practices: Hungary and the Habsburg Monarchy, 1700-1848