History Department Publications

The faculty and doctoral students of the History Department publish their work regularly, in their native tongues as well as the main European languages, in peer-reviewed journals and with leading academic publishers. In addition, over its more than fifteen years of existence, the History Department has published several Yearbooks (1993, 1995, 1997, 2001) and a working paper series (3 volumes between 1993 and 1996), which provide an insight into faculty and student research at the department. Efforts have been made also to create some high profile publishing venues that belong specifically to the department, among which are two academic journals (see East Central Europe/L'Europe du Centre Est. Eine wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift ; and European Review of History / Revue d’histoire européenne), and two book series (see Pasts Incorporated. CEU Studies in the Humanities, published by the CEU Press; and Central and Eastern Europe. Regional Perspectives in Global Context, published by Brill, Leiden).