Doctoral Students

Bilaloglu, Ahmet The “enlightened” Ottomans: Bookish Innovations and Intellectual Investments in the Long Eighteenth Century
Erdélyi Mátyás The Making of a Productivist Middle Class. The Students of ‘Commercial’ High Schools in Pre-Socialist Hungary and their Battle for Social Legitimation, Elite Training and Middle-Class Identity
Hincu, Adela Studying the Population: Sociological Investigation and Mass Surveillance in Socialist Romania, 1965-1977
Mézes Ádám Doubt and Diagnosis: Medical Experts Facing the Supernatural in 18th century Habsburg Monarchy

Pataki Katalin

Discourses on Social Utility in the Eighteenth-century Habsburg Empire

Pjecha, Martin

Discourses of Violence in the Hussite movement

Sukhareva, Lyudmyla Making New Jews in New Russia: Jewish Agricultural Colonies in 19th Century Russian Empire
Berecz Ágoston Language, Society and Politics in Dualist Transylvania
Janusauskas, Tadas Alliances and Clashes between Jews and Lithuanians during the interwar period  
Koshulap, Yuriy Andrei Sheptyts’kyi and Confessional Nationalism – The Metropolitan’s Program for Ukrainian Unification and His Politics in Interwar Galicia   
Lukic, Dejan Knowledge of the Land and the People: Local Knowledge in Early Geological and Geographical Research in the Yugoslav Lands     
Medved, Mladen Governance and (Under)Development in a Semiperipheral Empire: Croatia, Hungary, and Habsburg Monarchy in Comparative Perspective (1850-1867)       
Posun'ko Andriy The Transformation of the New Russian Borderland: Adaptation and Resistance (1775 - 1835)    
Sugiyama, Anna

Underground Seminars in Czechoslovakia and Poland, 1968-1984: Academic Freedom, University, and Philosophy    

Verde, Aniello The Italian “third way”: strategy and rhetoric of the democratic alternative, 1980-1989      
Bröker, Jan The Symbolic Practices of the 'Horthy-regime' – Legitimation, Rituals and the Masses – 1920-1944
Cirjan, Mihai-Dan Making Ends Meet: Peasant Indebtedness in Modern Romania (1929-1954)
Mulej, Oscar National Liberal Heirs in the Interwar Party Politics of the former Cisleithania    
La Rocca, Francesco Bards, Faith and Power: How National Epics, Religions and Nation-Building Process Joined in Interwar Yugoslavia and Albania     
Tolmár Bálint Property and Power in Rural Hungary, 1920-1948    
Grama, Adrian Managing Factories, Governing Workers: Labour and Social Domination in Romania, 1944-1960    
Guclu, Eda Social Practices of Property in Ottoman Istanbul, 1865-1900   
Iuga, Liliana Assigning a Place for the City of the Past into the City of the Future: Heritage Preservation and Urban Systematizatiion in the Historic City Centre. The Romanian Case (1952-1977)
Rank, Scott Rethinking Late-Ottoman Sectarianism: Christian-Muslim Religious Polemics, c. 1861-1914   
Sido, Zsuzsa Hungarian Aristocratic Art Patronage (1849-1918) – The Count Andrássy and Károlyi families  
Voronovici, Alexandr The Ambiguities of Soviet “Piedmonts”: Soviet Borderland Policies in the Ukrainian SSR and the Moldovan ASSR, 1922-1934     
Karpova Yulia Designers' Socialism: The Aesthetic Turn in Post-Stalinist Russia.  
Mazanik Anna "Habeas corpus cum lue venerea": Syphilis, prostitution and public health in Moscow, 1880s-1910s     
Miljan Goran A 'Ressurected' State - Poglavnik, Ustashi  and the Idea of the New Croat   
Scrob Mircea Diet Changes and Society: The shift from mamaliga to wheaten bread in the dites of the rural population from the Old Kingdom of Romania, 1907-1980   
Szegedi Gabor Marriage Counseling and Pre-nuptial examinations in Hungary, 1925-1955
Szerecz Thomas Comparative Historians in Hugary between the Neo-Conservative and Communist Eras
Wcislik Piotr Democracy in Times of Solidarity   
Chiriac Bogdan The Trial of Antonescu group (May 1946) and the Communist takeover of Romania
Gioielli Emily 'Primitive Cruelty' and 'Refined Vengeance': Violance and the Struggle for Legitimacy in post-World War I Hungary
Kotenko Anton Ukrainian national project in search of national space: 1848-1914    
Lisjak Gabrijelcic Luka Between the National and the Trans-National: Discourses of Collective Identity among Slovenian Intellectuals from the 1930s to the 1970s
Lóránd Zsófia "Learning a Feminist Language" -- The Intellectual History of Feminism in Yugoslavia in the 1970s-1980s   
Marburger Caroline Anatolia through Berlin's Eyes. Studying, Excavating and Displaying the Hittite Empire 1890-1950  
Silvestru Octavian The railroad and the nation: The impact of railroad constructions on nation- and state-building in Romania 1859-1888
Szele Áron The Nyilas. The discursive polyphony of Hungarian Fascism
Van den Eeden Mare In Search of Europe. Thinking about Europe from a Central European Perspective, 1918 - present
Biliuta Ionut The Archangel's Consecrated Servants. An inquiry into the Relationship between Iron Guard and the Romanian Orthodox Church interwar Romania (1930-1941)
Birol Nil Not by Theory Alone: The Impact of German Historical School on the Development of Economic Planning in the Ottoman and Russian Empires in the Nineteenth century
Dénes Ilona Confessional Configurations of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in the 17th and 18th Centuries
Khripachenko Tatiana Decentralization under the Challenge of Nationalism: Autonomy and Federation in the Liberal Discourse of the Russian Empire (late 19th - early 20th Centuries)
Lember Uku 'Russian-Estonian" Families in Soviet Estonia, 1956-1985 Through Generations (oral history)   
Bohus Kata Israelites, Zionists and Rootless Cosmopolitans. The Hungarian Communist State and the ‘Jewish Question’ in a Comparative Perspective (1956-1985)
Olaru Vasile Mihai Justice, Taxes and Tithes: State Growth in Walachia, 1740 - 1802
Paltineanu Sinziana Nation-building from local perspective: Romanian nationalists in Brassov 1867-1914
Straner Katalin Science in Translation: The Origins of Hungarian Darwinism
Szélpál Livia The Tale of Two Cities: Reading and Making the Modern City. The Urbanization of Szeged and Debrecen,  1879-1914 
Hariton Silviu War Commemorations in Interwar Romania
Badica Simina Building Museums of Communism. A Comparative history of Romanian museums during the establishment of the Socialist state (1946-1958) and after its collapse (1990-2007)
Ryzhkov Vladimir Political Ideas in  the Russian  Historical  Writing of the Age of Entlightment: Mikhail  Shcherbatov and Nikolai Karamzin
Zaszkaliczky Marton Protestant Political Theology and Corporate Constitutionalism in 16th-17th century Hungary
Sechel Teodora Daniela Medical Enlightenment in the Habsburg Monarchy. A Case Study of Transylvania 1770-1830
Zubak Marko Yugoslav Youth Communist Press 1968-1980 (Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana) - Alternative Communisat Media
Szemző Hanna Welfare and politics in Socialist Hungary – the example of the pension system